Inheritance Deluxe Edition

Available Now!

Earlier this year I began a collaboration with composer and cellist Cara Fox to re-imagine the hymns from
Inheritance. I’m thrilled with the result and very excited to announce that they will be releasing as the
Inheritance Deluxe Edition— available now in several formats.

  1. iTunes  - Purchase the digital album with 16 songs for $9.99.
  2. Listen on Spotify  
  3. Order a CD/DVD or Thumb Drive Package (Available Soon)
    • The original Inheritance album + a bonus track “Softly and Tenderly” and...
    • Gorgeous, prayerful concert recordings tracked entirely live with two cellos, violin, harp, guitar, and drums, also featuring Sarah Kroger called...
    • “The Fox Sessions”
    • 16 tracks in all (Thumb Drive comes with mp3 and WAV formats)
    • Live Video recordings of the Fox Sessions (in 4K and HD on the FlashDrive)
    • Commentary video with Cara and Audrey
    • Director’s commentary video with William Price, III
    •  Video Content from Audrey for Churches/Worship Leaders
    • The original Lyric Videos from Inheritance
  4. Vimeo on Demand for rent, stream and/or download for $0.99/3.99

This month, We are featuring sarah Kroger.

Sarah Kroger Appears on three songs in the Fox Sessions.

Sarah Kroger is a musician, songwriter and worship leader from Melbourne, FL. She has been leading worship at local, national and international events for the past 7 years. Her passion is to create a safe, prayerful space through her music in which people can encounter the love and beauty of God. Sarah currently resides in Atlanta, GA and when she’s not on the road she enjoys adventures with her husband, Thai food, and spending quality time with friends and family.

10% Of Proceeds from this Month will go To Sarah's charity of choice: Save The Storkes

Why did you choose Save The Storks?

I chose Save The Storks because I believe wholeheartedly in their mission to support women in crisis pregnancies. They work with resource centers across the nation to provide spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional support to expectant mothers in abortion-vulnerable situations. Save the Storks is truly making a difference in the pro-life movement, working on the front lines to share love and mercy with women who are most in need.

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